Tornado Storm II Foosball Table Review

Tornado Storm II Foosball Table Review
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The all time favorite If you’re picking up Foosball for the first time, it can be a little intimidating playing …

The all time favorite

If you’re picking up Foosball for the first time, it can be a little intimidating playing with more experienced players. Unlike regular sports, tabletop games are not usually taught with much emphasis on technique. Usually people just start playing and develop their form. This is where new players can feel discouraged, especially if they don’t have constructive suggestions when they continue to lose.

Non-stop fun is guaranteed when you take your family by
Tornado  Storm II Foosball Table with this full size, high-quality Foosball table that delivers serious, professional-style play.

Main features

Tornado  Storm II Foosball Table is far and away our favorite Foosball tables to review. Some other table brands may limit what shots you can perform, so Tornado tables are the most recommended if you want to truly master the game. The Storm II Tornado Foosball table has just about every feature we look for when analyzing a table for maximum shot performance, quality, and durability. This solid, heavy table will not slide around during heavy play. The wooden handles are easy to have a professional Foosball grip and the rods are chrome plated, yet light in construction for quick rod movement.

The tabletop surface is solid, level, and allows for fast Foosball shots. The counterbalanced Foosball men allow you to easily play 1 on 1 games because you can set the men horizontally without the fear of them falling down and getting in your way during game play. Leveling the Foosball table with the adjustable leg levelers is a breeze.

Features and Parts:

— .125 inch thick chrome plated, hollow steel rods that are heavy duty and lightweight

— 8-edged wooden handle bars

— Traditional Tornado three-man goalie

— Patented man and cushion system

— Side ball return

—  Height adjustable leg levelers

— Solid legs that will not warp or split

— Patented centerless ground urethane foosball balls

— Laminated Storm II foosball playfield

— Counterbalanced foosball men with metal core in the head, foot with cross-hatching

—  Very resilient and und elastic rubber bumpers

—  One-piece corpus

Premium Class

Tornado  Storm II Foosball Table is one of the most common tournament tables world wide. You can find it mainly in England, Germany and the USA, but also in Malaysia, Japan and Canada. Sporadically also in Holland and Belgium. The high precision and stability characterize the table. It doesn’t have lifted corners, but two extra figures on the keeper-bar instead, so the balls won’t rest in the corners. The Tornado makes extremely fast passing between the figures of the same bar possible. You can also play excellent push- and pull-shots, but most of the players are playing jet on this table.


The Gray and black marble laminate cabinet compliments a variety of decors makes it easy to mix and match with other furniture at home. Solid maple wooden handle provide excellent grip and prevent slippage with all the classic look.

Game play

Foosball is a very prominent sport. It can be challenging and make or break you. Foosball is found on the night scene in sports bars and lounges alike. Try you hand at a family table and get high score and you can easily become a bar fly idol to family, friends and onlookers. This is not to mention that is will score high points with the females. If you single handedly find that the ball is drifting front and center to your side of the gaming table, deliver it strong to your opponent and men will envy you and women will adore you.

Scoring system

The last most significant aspect of Foosball is goal defense. There will likely be a lot of times in the video game which your opponent will have control in the ball correct in front of your respective target. It is critical to continue to keep calm and make an effort to block his or her shot. This could be accomplished by employing your defense man to stay in front with the golf ball, and using your goalie to protect angles. You might also find by moving your defenders and goalies back and forth whilst flicking your wrist will annoy and confuse your opponent.


Don’t commit to even a single Foosball table without taking a close look at Tornado first. You’d quite likely never know all there is to look for in a table and behind it otherwise. Then too, without looking closely at a Tornado, you’d find it hard to appreciate why it enjoys such a fervent player. Many attribute it to the being first in the industry. Others simply dismiss it as player “whim”, not all different than a clothing-brand craze. Truth is, it’s because of a whole host of subtle features and construction detail… all contributing to an incomparable and very distinct play-ability.

MaterialsGray marble laminate cabinet with rounded corners.
Board Thickness1-1/2″
RodsCenter-less ground, chrome plated, hollow steel rods.
Dimensions56″L x 30″W x 35″H; 206 lbs
FeaturesFriction grip wooden Foosball handles Single side ball return that is good for returning the ball to you while you are practicing your offense.
Warranty1 year

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