Tornado Cyclone II Foosball Table Review

Tornado Cyclone II Foosball Table Review
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Main feature Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table has the traditional Tornado three-man goalie and, a balanced figure with metal core …

Main feature

Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table has the traditional Tornado three-man goalie and, a balanced figure with metal core in the head and foot with cross-hatching. A very resilient and und elastic rubber bumpers added for durability and stability. It has the patented man and cushion system made exclusively by Tornado.

Added to the main feature are:

  • Chromed, high specific hollow bars
  • One-piece corpus
  • Solid legs that will not warp or split
  • Laminated Cyclone II play field
  • Height adjustable legs
  • 38,1 mm wall thickness
  • 156-inch-thick chrome plated, hollow steel rods that are heavy duty and lightweight
  • Traditional Tornado three-man goalie
  • Adjustable leg levelers.
  • Split foosball bearings
  • Counterbalanced foosball men
  • 32,9mm playing field thickness
  • Split bearings


The leg levelers in Tornado Cyclone II are a way to go and keep this table nice and in good condition. Most are heavy enough to stay in one place as well as not move when you get this like you want. Solid legs material that is used in construction is made to last for years as well as withstand abuse that will not warp or split. The highly entertaining game is fun and competitive. With Cyclone II you will be a pro in no time because the table offers you the same feel as the real tournament tables made by Tornado. You can learn many tricks with the special designed counterbalanced men on any Tornado table, including the Tornado Cyclone II


Attractive teak laminate cabinet compliments a variety of decors with the classic laminate playfield of Tornado that helps resist nicks and spills. It has 8 edges of wooden handlebars and comes with the balance figures and metal core on the head, foot, cross hatching and elastic rubber bumpers. It has chromed and high specific bars with 32.9 mm of playing field thickness 38.1 mm wall thickness and height adjustable legs with one piece of the corpus. Adding to 8 edges of wooden handlebars is the Patented split bearings which provide a smoother sliding rods and making the rods easier to clean and maintain.

The with Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table, Cyclone has a green and white playing field with black versus yellow counterbalanced players.


Tornado coin operated foosball table in an attractive cabinet for the home. It does not have any lifted corners, however, has got 2 extra figures on keeper bar instead, thus the balls will not rest in corners. Tornado makes very fast passing between these figures of the same bar possible. Also, you may play amazing push and pull shots; however most of these players are playing the rush on the table.

The same with Tornado Twister II, Twister II comes with patented centerless ground urethane textured foosball balls roll true and are easy to grip and shoot. The material of the ball changes the gameplay in mysterious ways which means you can adjust the ball to the game you are playing.

The scoring system

Scoring units are an essential accessory that is typically mounted on each end of the table above the goalie boxes and almost all of tornado table has it. You typically keep score by sliding a bead over for each time the ball goes into the goal. Cyclone scoring system added the beauty of contrast with the Teak laminate finish of the table

In fact, the professional-grade tables are all made with manual sliding scoring units. Even if you score on yourself during a game, it is a period in the other teams’ favor. Though no one likes these kinds of goals, they are an essential thing to keep track of in order to determine how to avoid scoring on yourself and promote better ball control. Some scoring systems come in increments of 5 and others come in 10, but tournaments are played to games of 5 in the official foosball rules. These scorers tend to get worn out and even break from use over time but for the Tornado Cyclone II Foosball table, it will last for years or maybe a decade of continuous playing.


Suppose you are purchasing the Tornado Cyclone II foosball table in the store there is one thing you can do to test it. The good test that will ensure that bearings are very good and will “spin” a handle at an end of rod and suppose it spins very freely— then it is very good. Also, you can move handles in and out to ensure that rods aren’t bent. Really for large as the table as these are, they are inexpensive and simple to put together. You will need a decent size of room that you can put it in because rods are very long. This is the product which will really make you happy and give you quality returns. There are many amazing Tornado foosball tables on the market and the Tornado Cyclone II is one of them. The top of the line, the commercial grade table will be packed with the high quality of features that you will come to expect right from the Tornado.

MaterialsTeak laminate cabinet with rounded corners
Board Thickness1-1/2″
RodsHollow steel rods
Dimensions56″L x 30″W x 36″H; 225 lbs
FeaturesFriction grip wooden foosball handles Single side ball return that is good for returning the ball to you while you are practicing your offense Patented man and cushion system
Warranty1 year
PriceThis foosball table is priced around $900-$950 US.

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