Sportcraft Stadium Foosball Table Review

Sportcraft Stadium Foosball Table Review
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Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is built entirely from furniture grade wood which makes it bulky and sturdy, and that is …

Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is built entirely from furniture grade wood which makes it bulky and sturdy, and that is a great plus. Just like a regular Sportcraft Foosball, this table has counterbalanced conventional players with rounded toes. As for all the Sportcraft tables, this one is not an exception.

Main features

Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is constructed with quality materials. Rods for controlling Foosball men are compact, not hollow, so they are a slightly bit more resistant. This Foosball table has sleek wooden handles that look fabulous, and they suit flawlessly into the design. Overall, the Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is constructed with furniture quality wood.

Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table parts and other features

  • Official tournament sized play field.
  • Furniture grade wood veneer finish.
  • Standard Foosball field markings.
  • Counter balanced traditional Foosball men.
  • Solid steel rods.
  • Wooden handles.
  • One man Goalie.
  • Chrome plated goal nets.
  • Heavy duty metal beads scorer.
  • Complete with all accessories including Foosball balls.

Pros, Cons and Game Play

Like most Sportcraft Foosball table, Stadium has excellent design, reliable and sturdy, wooden and metal parts. The counterbalanced Foosball men also add smooth game play both for expert and novice player.

The rounded toe traditional Foosball men might be the downside for this table. It is far different than the newer American tournament style Foosball tables. Additionally, although the steel rods come with wooden handle for better grip, it may add a notable factor on the game play because it is solid and heavy.

Another thing that might be considered is that this Foosball table does not have foot levelers, so it is difficult to set up on an uneven floor surface. With regards to the ball return, this table also does not have side ball returns for comfortable playing.

Though the Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table may have an aesthetic appeal, they lack the high-end parts that serious players need to perform. The biggest flaw about this table is that there are nine scoring beads. So if the game played to ten sets or the players like to play overtime, there is a difference there. Another cons is that the goal tends to kick out the ball every time a swift spinning shot was made.

Like other Sportcraft Foosball tables, Stadium is not commonly known as tournament tables. Though it offers a tournament size table, other parts of the table cannot withstand the demands of complex shots.


This table provides an elegant design that some consumers prefer for their homes. Looks very charming in a family room or in a modest game room because of its furniture-like dark wood veneer finish. Sportcraft Stadium Foosball Table adds an atmosphere of stadium thrill to any game room. This table gives an ambiance in most corners of any room with grass-like play-field realistically painted players.

Also, the wooden handles blend well with the solid steel player rods, metal bead scorers and bushing covers. In conclusion, it offers a stylish, charming centerpiece everyone can enjoy.


Although the table comes with a user manual and assembly instruction, it will take time for a complete setup. It may take to two healthy adults to assemble it together. In joining altogether the parts, the main body should setup upside down and then flip it up before placing the table in even surface.


The Stadium is priced at about 350 dollars which happens to be cheaper compared from the higher end range out of all the Foosball tables that Sportcraft creates. Sadly, Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is no longer available from its producer, Sportcraft already stops the production.

The next best thing you can take now is to check out a list of several famous Foosball tables. Also, you can check out Tornado Foosball table as they have similar furniture quality Foosball Table. Besides, you can purchase a quality used Sportcraft Foosball table in Amazon.

Overall Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is a professional table at a steal of a price.

MaterialsFurniture quality wood veneer finish
Board Thickness1-1/2″
Rods0.7 inches solid Foosball rods
Dimensions59″L x 33″W x 35″H; 185lbs
FeaturesGrass-like playfield
Warranty1 year

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