The Sportcraft Foosball table is not usually known as the professional tournament Foosball table, it is more a family oriented Foosball table.

Sportcraft Foosball Table foremost advantage is that they look astonishing and don’t require that much money. The Sportcraft Foosball table is crafted from the inexpensive but durable material which will meet every hobby player’s demands.

Sportcraft Foosball table brand

Though some of the Sportcraft Foosball table models may have an artistic appeal, they lack the high-end parts that serious players need to execute complex shots

There are some classic makers of foosball tables, the Tornado Foosball tables for instance, which has a number of classic and durable game tables. One should read over the various features of the table and find the ones that are most applicable to them. A good sturdy table that has rods that are easy to move should be acceptable for many players even professionals.

Sportcraft Foosball table reconsiders another great thing about Sportcraft Foosball tables is that they resemble similar to the work of art. The Sportcraft is one of Foosball table producers that have succeeded to enter in some of the biggest chains in the United States, which is not so easy and Sportcraft recognizes that.

Due to that, they are providing excellent customer service because they know that customers are the most valuable. If you end up having a problem, you won’t have any kind of problem finding and obtaining spare parts for the table.


The General Sportcraft Company is in the existence from 1926. It is a family company, founded by the husband and wife Walter and Sophia Holdstien. They moved back to Europe on the family visit where they were fascinated with the level of the enthusiasm for backyard games.

The couple began the business with the croquette and badminton and they extended the game manufacturing to the table tennis, darts, and Foosball tables.

Since then, the Sportcraft Foosball table is on the market and even though it isn’t suggested for the tournament playing, they are good for the home games because they provide entertainment for the entire family.

Today, Sportcraft companies a variety of several Foosball table models ranging from toy tables for kids to furniture-style table models to render an elegant design that some consumers prefer for their homes.

Sportcraft Foosball Table

You can find their products in some major local stores throughout the United States. However, Sportcraft tables have a presence around the world. Their offices are located in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Toronto, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Sportcraft markets to over 13 million customers a year within retail stores around the globe.

Sportcraft – Stadium Foosball Table

The Sportcraft Stadium Foosball table is a compact and heavy table that is made with furniture characteristic wood. The Stadium is priced at about $350 dollars which comes a little towards the higher end range out of all the Foosball tables that Sportcraft produces. It has the traditional style Foosball men that have a more rounded toe than the newer American tournament style Foosball tables.

Sportcraft 48 in. Foosball Table

The Sportcraft 48 in. Foosball Table will bring hours of fun to your rec room or office break room. This Foosball table uses themes and designs that replicate a gridiron football field, including realistic-looking players and football goal posts.

You and your opponent can quickly keep score with the manual scoring system. You can even kick an additional point following each score to add excitement to your games

Sportcraft AMF Varsity Professional Foosball

The Sportcraft AMF Varsity Professional Foosball Table is perfectly tailored to handle serious competitive Foosball play. The heavy-duty commercial grade table is built with long-lasting steel corners for maximum strength and protection. It has perfectly balanced players that are installed on steel rods to offer nothing short of ultimate control and action.

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