Triumph Foosball Table From KICK

Triumph Foosball Table From KICK
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Kick Foosball Table Triumph is one of the best and the most popular models from Kick. The quality of this …

Kick Foosball Table Triumph is one of the best and the most popular models from Kick. The quality of this Foosball table is great and players don’t have to doubt it because of its lifetime warranty as proof.

The Kick Triumph Foosball Table is really an amazing, very durable Foosball table. It is most usually found at very fancy bars with a great cozy look. A smooth look to add to that, it looked almost like a royals dining table.

Same goes with the big names in Foosball like Tornado Storm, Kick Triumph Foosball table is a great model in the Foosball superstore. They are on the market for some time not as new nor as old. This table offers a great Foosball experience for all ages.

Main Feature

Kick Triumph Foosball table can is versatile that can fit anywhere even on a rough surface because it has adjustable leg levelers. The Black MDF cabinet with a joining of hardwood makes the looks very elegant. It is a very durable Foosball table that can give a unique experience.

Also, the table has two bars among the legs that offer the overall stability of the table. Players don’t have to worry because it won’t move no matter how hard they play.

  • Sturdy, quality build.
  • Extremely durable and elegant.
  • Premium high quality bearings.
  • ½ inch in thickness playing field.
  • Convenient front ball return on each side of the table
  • Sturdy 5 inch leg levelers with rubber bottom to ensure a flat surface for grip for a balanced game.
  • Multiple goalie options: Features 1-goalie or 3-goalie design depending on a player preference.
  • 1-Goalie kit including corner ramps and rod stoppers.
  • 2 Chrome cup holders easily attachable on each side (optional installation).
  • 8 durable 5/8 inch semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated player rods.
  • 4 Soccer foosballs: 2 Premier KICK Foosball and 2 traditional style foosballs.
  • 13 Red and 13 blue counter balanced Foosball men (home & away) and uniformed men set (26)
  • 8 Non-slip wooden handles with screws and 8 rods safety caps for better control.
  • Slide scoring tally situated on both ends.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty.
  • Unforgettable gaming experience.


The metal scheme and chrome plating of the Triumph Foosball table can surely attract anyone. As it has a black gorgeous look, it can be matched in the game room or another room. These astounding tables also intensify the virtue of any room.

The black look of the Kick Triumph Foosball table could fit into any interior giving a first-hand color to the look and feel of one’s home furniture. Additionally, the Foosball men really seem more real than the more common robotic men adopted by many a model.

Also, the stylish design of this KICK Foosball table is novel that is why this table looks more elegant than any other Foosball table. It looks pretty attractive and it appears part of the expression of a king’s dining table.


The leg and the leg levelers which set the exposed surface are smooth and round. They give the players the easy sliding edge to conveniently play their game on.

The leg levelers aren’t made of wood but steel to contribute balance to the legs and the cabinet which the game lies on. More so, the exposed surface has steel crossbars across both legs of the table.

Kick Triumph Foosball table Lifetime Warranty & Spare Parts

Like most of the kick Foosball table, if something happens, feel no worry because Kick Triumph Foosball table comes with a lifetime warranty. Just contact them, report the problem and they will send the needed part. That is excellent because kick will provide genuine parts to avoid generic spare parts that may or not fit on the Foosball table.


It can be very complicated to make a decision most time, with many brands like Sportcraft Foosball table are working hard to develop their model of the Foosball table. But, most importantly, the variety will still be quite clear which brand is really the customer’s pleasure. In conclusion, the Kick Triumph Foosball Table is essentially one to look up to.

MaterialsCombination of wood and Metal
RodsSemi-solid chrome plated steel
Dimensions55″L x 30″W x 36″H; 120 lbs
Features1-Goalie design or 3-goalie design

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