hathaway games and sports
Hathaway games and sports

Hathaway Foosball table earned its fame in the Foosball world by its motto “Designed for fun – Built to last”.

Product lines from Hathaway varies from game boards and crafts to unique brands of in-home table games. Above all, the Foosball Table — designed for fun and built to last. The brand continues to expand its production to ensure that customers are able to find the products they need. They prefer to blend the traditional class of craftsmanship and modern means to achieve superior quality products. In conclusion, this is why they were drawn in Foosball table.

Hathaway Games and Sports

Hathaway Games & Sports is a part of the Blue Wave Products brand, a foremost producer and seller in the Home Leisure trade. Founded over a decade ago, Blue Wave began with one simple goal: to provide consumers with the products they demand at a level of excellence that surpasses their expectations.

Same with Tornado Foosball table, this brand is famously recognized for its game room products. Over the past few years, the Hathaway Games and Sports have the honor to be one of the fastest-growing brands of the game room products and also in the Foosball industry. Similarly, they are known to be the specialty store-level maker for the common use and they have at most limited of 5 different Foosball tables. After that, the quantity is constantly growing because they are determined to grow.

Exclusive for Amazon Star Wars™ Light-saber Duel 54-in Foosball Table

Hathaway Star Wars Lightsaber Duel 54-in Foosball Table
Star Wars Themed Foosball Table

A Star Wars-themed Foosball table scores fun to a family’s game room.

“Battle your opponent for the future of the galaxy. Featuring iconic imagery from the Star Wars™ saga, the Light-saber Duel Foosball Table launches you into the middle of the Galactic Civil War. Choose red or blue ABS-molded players and fight for the Empire or the Rebellion. Designed to withstand even the fiercest duels, this table is crafted from high-quality, engineered wood and supported by four, sturdy L-shaped legs.”

“Adjustable leg levelers ensure a true, level surface for accurate table play – bringing order and balance to your game room, rec room, or man cave. Stainless-steel rods and an ultra-smooth play field keep the action rolling. Dual manual scorers keep the peace during fast-paced competition.”

Features and Descriptions

  • Exciting graphics immerse you in movie-themed action
  • Durable, engineered wood cabinet
  • Scoring sliders feature multiple colors – final three points are in blue
  • Durable, engineered wood cabinet
  • Sturdy, L-shaped legs are coated in black melamine
  • 2.5-in, independent leg levelers
  • 13, ABS-molded players per team with 3-goalie configuration
    (ABS, sure-grip handles for better ball control)
  • 1/2-in, chrome-plated, steel rods
  • Table dimensions: 54-in L x 27-in W x 33.25-in H
  • Includes 2- 36mm foosballs
  • Check prize on Amazon

Hathaway Foosball Table Highlander 55-in Outdoor with Waterproof Surface

Highlander 55-in Outdoor Foosball Table
Hathaway Outdoor Foosball Table

An excellent accessory to any patio, pool or yard. In addition, this chic Foosball table is loaded with high-quality features. In other words, every part is meant to withstand the elements, including a waterproof frame and rust-proof aluminum rods. Above all, the ergonomic grips ensure hours of play without straining the hands of the players.

Highlander Foosball table has a sturdy, cross-supported surface. This dazzling blue play area blends superbly with a glossy white cabinet, forming a dazzling look that charms the eyes. In conclusion, the overall appearance of the table elevates the game action.

More over, Hathaway Foosball table like the this Highlander outdoor Foosball table also comes equipped with unified leg levelers. In addition, it also comes with a cross-supported surface, ensuring an even playing field. Also, it includes 2- 36mm ABS high-quality foosballs and a weather-resistant, nylon cover.

Features and Descriptions

  • Overall dimensions: 55 In. L x 29.25 In. W x 34.5 In. H
  • Play field dimensions: 46 In. L x 26.75 In. W x.5 In. T
  • 0.75 In T x 11.75 In. W – laminated weather resistant HDF frame cabinet finished in a gloss white durable finish
  • 0.5 In. thick HDF laminated play surface finished in a durable waterproof bright blue finish
  • 5/8 In. D aluminum rods with easy spin bearings and ABS comfort grip octagon handles
  • 26 – ABS break resistant players – 13 black and 13 white
  • Weight: 116 lbs.
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Hathaway Madison 54-in 6-in-1 Multi Game Table, Driftwood

6-in-1 Multi Game Hathaway Foosball Table
6-in-1 Multi Game Hathaway Foosball Table

You must have come across many multi-gaming tables but this multi-game table is one of the best choices. It is ideal for any type of room with limited space. Above all, the Madison Multi-Game table comes with six classic games in one ready table.

Madison Multi-Game table includes table tennis, Foosball, mini-bowling, mini-shuffleboard glide, hockey, and billiards. Importantly, you can readily shift games with the help of the detachable top. In other words, a simple flip and shift on the removable table tops and you’re good-to-go.

Features and Descriptions

  • Playing surface: 46-in l x 26-in w
  • Table dimensions: 54-in l x 27-in w x 34-in h
  • 6-in wide, engineered wood cabinet covered in a driftwood, PVC melamine finish
  • 6 classic games – Billiards, Foosball, Slide Hockey, Table Tennis, Mini-Shuffleboard, and Mini-Bowling
  • L-Shaped legs with full cross support panels provide a rock-solid table foundation
  • 1.5-in, adjustable leg levelers offer quick table leveling on any surface
  • Easily converts from one game to another
  • Includes (1) set 1.5-in billiard balls, (1) triangle, (1) table brush, (2) pieces of chalk, (2) 36-in cues, (2) 36-mm foosballs, (2) 2.25-in strikers, (2) 2-in pucks, (2) table tennis paddles, (2) 40-mm table tennis balls, (1) net and post set, (1) set of shuffleboard pucks (3 red and 3 blue), (1) bowling ball, and (10) bowling pins
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Overall, Hathaway Foosball tables are of good quality. Although not for tournament gaming, this table offers an excellent Foosball gaming experience for kids and hobby players. However, if you are looking for a tournament type of table, check and see what KICK Foosball table may offer.

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