Halex Monterey Foosball Table

Halex Monterey Foosball Table
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Halex Monterey Foosball table is a furniture style table with Oak wood veneer finish. This table is formed and engraved …

Halex Monterey Foosball table is a furniture style table with Oak wood veneer finish. This table is formed and engraved with unique table etchings to give it a higher-end appearance and design. Though this table has a classy impression, it lacks some key features that tournament-style tables have.

This Foosball table is made out of high-quality wood. It has a fabulous coating and gives off a very old-world and excellent charm. Nevertheless, it is indeed a nice-looking Foosball table, no doubt there.

Main Feature

In the picture, Halex Monterey Foosball Table doesn’t do it equity because the legs appear to be thin. In reality, the legs are actually quite wide and heavy, which provides the complete table a heavy weight once set up.

Halex Monterey Foosball Table offers a well balanced Pro-style faceless players in Burgundy and Ivory teams. In addition, rods are constructed of solid steel with wooden handles. Also, it has precision ball bearings along with a 3 man goalie.

The table features an end zone scoring hole and solid panel ball return. Halex Monterey Foosball table has a built-in wooden abacus style scoring system with ten beads. The table includes four deluxe soccer balls

Features And Parts

  • Oak veneer table cabinet with a walnut colored finish
  • 5/8″ nickel-plated solid steel Foosball rods
  • Wooden, stained Foosball handles
  • Metal Foosball ball bearings
  • Burgundy and Ivory robot weighted Foosball players
  • Wooden beaded manual scorer
  • 4 Pieces Textured Foosball ball 
  • Side ball returns
  • Square Foosball table legs with Oak finish


Halex Monterey Foosball Table appears to be a furniture style design, with MDF laminated oak veneer finish and firm, square legs with engraved details. Also, this artistic Foosball table has a deep arcade-style playing field, with a parquet wood playing surface.

This Foosball Table will blend very nicely and would probably go with both traditional or contemporary interiors, because of its simplicity, but rugged lines. Assembled with a side ball return and beveled top siding cabinet and square legs in oak finish with engraved detail design and a wood veneer playing surface with calligraphic Soccer graphics and EVA wall lining.

The same with Tornado Foosball Table, the cabin and the side panels of Halex Monterey is made entirely from wood along with the base of the table. Furthermore, the boards of the cabin come with engraved detailing. As for the inside, it has an oak wood veneer and is moderately easy to play on.


Overall, this table is strong and sturdy. The legs are also made from oak finish wood with 5 and ½ inch thickness and engraved details just like the cabinet. Those legs are more than capable enough to take on the load of the cabin above it.

On the downside, the legs do come without levelers. In other words, it will give some trouble with the positioning and evenness of the table. You have to place the table in a certain flat and level floor. No buts.

Game Play

Halex Foosball tables are built for smooth playing. The playing rods on the Monterey Foosball table are assembled with nickel coated solid steel. They are very lightweight, yet just good enough for stable and impact playing. Furthermore, on the end of each playing rod is an octagon solid wood handles. This gives each player an amazing grip and comfort.

The players on the field are pro-style and counterbalanced faceless players. Being counterbalanced, each of the players will return back to its initial and straight position a soon the is released. This means, no blockage and more reliable scoring probabilities.

On each end of the Halex Monterey Foosball Table, there is an abacus style scorekeeper which up to 10 beads. This is great because, usually, there are only 5 beads on regular Foosball tables. On the side of the cabin, there is a hole for the ball return system.


Halex Monterey Foosball table is a home Foosball player’s fantasy. The table is as sturdy as they come, with a decent balance for very passionate or intense play. This Foosball table is quite an old-looking furniture and is pretty attractive in any space it is placed. No conflict to it mixing in with traditional or contemporary furniture. The Halex Monterey Foosball table is more impressive than it looks in the images posted online.

Halex Monterey Foosball Table Is Up For A Grab

In conclusion, Halex Monterey Foosball table is up for a grab with 4 balls and counterbalanced Foosball men. This Foosball table isn’t a toy for your kids to pour juice or soda into. Nevertheless, it is a very nice and classic Foosball table with absolute roller bearings on the shafts that are still spinning when you come back from taking your next drink.

The only thing that might having a second thought on this charming Foosball Table is that it doesn’t have a foot levelers. Although, it has heavy and sturdy good looking legs.

MaterialsMDF Laminated Oak Veneer
Board Thickness5 1/8
RodsSolid Steel Rod
Dimensions57 ¼"L X 31 W X 34"H
FeaturesOak veneer table cabinet with 10 scoring beads
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