The Halex Foosball table is an innovative table that has several exceptional designs with it. This is a simple Foosball table with professional experience. Even adults and experienced Foosball players can use this table.

The Halex is a Foosball table manufacturing company that markets its product all around the globe. The Halex foosball table is designed and made of wood. They offer greater performance to both the beginners and experienced professionals. The Halex offers highly reliable and durable Foosball tables.

Halex Foosball Table

The Halex foosball table is a simple, innovative table that has an artistic design. The design of this table is comparable to other Foosball tables like Sportcraft and Atomic, but the performance of the table is high compared to others like Tornado.

Wood Materials

Wood is the main component of this product. It is designed with high-quality wood that can resist several conditions. This wood has internal damage protection feature with it. This feature protects the wood from different damages such as a fungal attack, insects, etc. The wood material used within the Foosball table is thick so that it maintains durability. As the wood is thicker, its internal capacity and strength are also high. In addition to this, the weight of the tablet expands with a thickness of the wood.

Play Field and Aesthetics

The Foosball base is the field. The field should be made up of high-quality wood because it supplements performance to the players. In addition to this, the wood is painted and covered with green material. With this, it looks similar to the football field. The base in the Halex Foosball table is built with (multi-fiber board) MFB wood. This board gives flexibility to the ball; hence the performance of this board is kept high for a long time. This board also offers convenience to players.

Steel Rods and Handles

The rods used for keeping the players are made up of steel material. This steel has heavy duty design with it and so can resist certain conditions efficiently. The steel rod is coated with chrome plating for more durability and flexibility. This chrome plating adds a long lasting performance to the product.

The Steel rods are tubular in form and equipped with a highly durable handle. The handle has a special design on it. This design allows grip to the users, and so the bars can be accessed easily. Further, this handle is durable, and it gives complete support to the players. Even kids can hold this handle firmly.

Ball Return System

The Halex Foosball table also has a ball retrieving point with it. This edge point is located near the goal and so as soon as the ball reaches the goal, it goes out to the edge. With this, the ball can be received quickly without any loss. An intermediate hole is also present In this Foosball table. This hole is useful, and it is used for discharging the ball out. This hole is normally used if there are any foul or predicaments in the match.

Legs and Stability

Four thick wooden legs are employed in this Foosball table. These wooden legs are uniquely designed and are attractive. The legs are well polished, and this adds durability. The wood used within this Table is thick, and so the weight of the table is great. The increase in weight improves the stability of the table. This stability holds the table in position so that the performances of the players are kept high for a long time. Further, the legs are designed to provide higher stability to the table. Both the top and base edges of the legs are soothed, this will provide complete support to the legs.

Foosball Men Scoring System

The Foosball men used in the field are the molded figures. The models are created with a high quality molded plastic. They are designed in the shape of a human, and the legs are flattened. This flattened leg is used for kicking the ball. In addition to this, the Foosball men within the field are colored with two colors. This displays the contrast in the team. One team is red, and the other team is blue. 13 players belong to a single team, and so a total of 26 players are within the field.

The Scoring System is the next essential accessory installed on the table. The scorecard is placed near the goals of the two players. Scoring System gives a complete entry on the scores of the players. The scores are arranged directly, and the changes in the score are done manually. With this score update, the winners can be announced easily.

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