Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table Review

Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table Review
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The luxury Foosball table. The third product on the list of top Atomic Foosball table is Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table. …

The luxury Foosball table. The third product on the list of top Atomic Foosball table is Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table. This legendary Foosball table has a simplistic black design which is made in European style.

Main features

The Atomic Euro Foosball Table features chrome steel goals, a chrome bead manual slide score, and chrome handles. It’s a shimmering light of fun that also comes with an internal ball recovery system, built-in cup holders, and comfort grip handles. The entire table is made from durable MDF with leg levelers for even play and a 1.25-inch support bar at the play field. For those who love the game, the Atomic Euro Foosball Table is a must-have

This table features the traditional Foosball players in the 3-men goalie system. When you score the goal, the ball returns on the side and not on the end. Foosball players are been divided between the blue team and the red team, whereas playing field is like grass.


European model Foosball tables. This is classified as a luxury style table with the classic features of the era it was built to represent. The table is constructed of sturdy MDF particle board which makes this Foosball table ideal for both indoor and out.

The playing field is made on a 1 1/4 in. support base with a thickness for the field of 3/8th inch. This table is further sustained on an H-shaped, tapered 5 ¼ inches set of legs that enable the table to be sturdily located during plays as well as have built in 1 ¼ inch leg levelers.


Foosball table handles also are made from the rubber and connected to the rods which are made from the steel with Chrome finish.

Built in cup holders are also a plus, as it prevents spillage during rough plays; however, you have the option of using separate side tables for the setting of drinks and beer bottles, in case of possible spillage. Why stop a good game for cleaning up?

Game play

The ball return is located on both sides as well as the side ball entry; this gives ease to players for the game to run quickly.

The scoring system

Stylish abacus style beaded manual scoring system, for an easy course of keeping score of goals during the game.

MaterialsMade of MDF wood, metal and plastic plastic
Board Thickness1-1/2″
RodsEasy to grip rubber handles
Dimensions59″L x 29″W x 34.5″H
FeaturesLuxury European style
Warranty1 year

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